What electrical services do we offer?

As an NICEIC approved contractor, we can install and certify many different commercial and industrial electrical installations. We also offer a number of services for domestic settings. The electrical services that we offer include the following:

These services include planning, designing and installing lighting, power or heating, not to mention putting in place fans, ventilation systems, energy efficient lighting and fire alarms. These are just some examples of work that we can be responsible for; we really can cover all of the bases for electrical work.

Planning, designing and installing lighting

In a commercial or industrial setting, effectively placed and designed lighting can ensure that workers can always see what they are doing, while a good installation will help to reduce electrical dangers.

Planning, designing and installing power

Power is something that a twenty-first century organisation can very heavily depend on – such as for lighting, computer systems, and other vital equipment. We can provide a reliable source of power.

Planning, designing and installing heating

Good heating, too, is something that your workers can rely on to remain comfortable and, therefore, capable of reaching their potential. We can provide heating that is both effective and safe.

Fans and ventilation systems

A good ventilation system will continually keep up the quality of your workplace’s indoor air by diluting and displacing pollutants. Fans, meanwhile, can keep the area comfortably cool for your employees.

Energy efficient lighting

The more energy efficient your workplace’s lighting is, the less expensive it can be to use. Those extra savings could be passed on, and make a crucial difference to your company in the long run.

Fire alarms

Fire alarms serve an obviously crucial safety function. We can install them to the standard ensuring that, when they do detect signs of a fire, they reliably activate and do their bit to save lives.

Various other electrical services

If you require any electrical services not explicitly mentioned on this page, please get in touch with us. We really can provide any kind of electric work – and we look forward to doing a good job for you.

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